Adhesive bonding is a key technology today. In our modern labs we are developing for you optimized solutions for your special application. The adhesives developed by us affords considerable advantages:

  • bonding with integration of additional functiones
  • no loss of material properties
  • improvement of properties of the parts in the resulting composite
  • creative development: from hard to soft, from hydrophobic to hydrophilic
  • broad range of functionalitys

Concerted with your requirements we develop for you UV-curable and two-component-curable custom made adhesives based on thiol/ene-, (meth)acrylate-, and epoxide-chemistry.


Our high qualified scientists ensure short response time, fast know-how-transfer and optimal communication. On-the-spot support, for example directly into your production lines will be arranged by our specialists as well as adapting our products on your special requirements.

Our adhesives are:

  • solvent-free
  • UV-resistent
  • temperature- and weather-proof
  • excellent shearing resistance